Sunday, July 15, 2012

Max negotiates his first promotion

Well, Max has shown us that some hard work really pays off.  He has really been putting in the long hours for the past 4 days, pulling all nighters in the NICU in a caffeine-fueled daze.  The negotiations were tough, but he has been promoted from a NICU baby to an "Intermediate" baby--no IV, breathing well, eating some... a few tiny steps closer to home.

Speaking of home, Whitney has been the victim of an elaborate Extreme Home Makeover prank-- tricked into staying in the hospital while her extended family jazzed up our new place.  The regular team was there-- Stan and Andrew with the Ikea runs on construction, Iris and Jackie working the Bed Bath and Beyond angle (we weren't sure if we would have enough time!) and Marc keeping Whitney's spirits up at the hospital.  A special shout out to guest designer, Cousin Hayley, who really needs to get into this full time!

More tomorrow!

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