Friday, July 13, 2012

Schutzblog to be rebranded the MaxBlog.

Greetings all!  Whitney and I are excited to announce the early arrival of Max Levi Schutzbank at 4lbs 13 oz 17.23in long at 10:14pm on Wednesday at 7/11/2012.  He is currently a guest of the Brigham and Women's NICU and we will keep this site updated--filtering out to Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

Today thus far:  Max is doing well in the NICU, breathing on his own and taking feeds like a pro.  The cutest little NG tube is in place to supplement him (gotta love that eats while he sleeps, so jealous).  And he kind of looks like the Terminator:

Whitney is doing shockingly well (high pain tolerance from years of putting up with me?) and all of the grandparents have arrived safely.

I will keep posting news here so keep checking.  Also, all of our photos will go into Dropbox first here: (I hope that works) and subsequently onto Facebook and Google+, but that takes a few extra steps.

We love you all and thanks so much for your love and support!


Shannon S-V said...

Look at that healthy looking cord! Nice work Mama Whitney!

JVO said...

Congratulations again to the both of you!! And to Max, too! What a great name to a strong boy - and yes, he kind of does look like he's trying to immitate the terminator :) I'm so glad you are all doing well and am hoping to see you on Sunday!!!