Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Cape Air- Making customer service easy

So for those of you that know me... I can be an idiot.  It turns out that I booked my flights and my wife's return flight from her sister's wedding in Lake Placid... on the wrong days.  Entirely wrong.  Her outbound flight was correct, as she is not an idiot.  I called Cape Air, was put on the phone with Andrea in about 2 minutes.  Approximately 2-3 minutes later, courteous as can be, Andrea had us switched on to the proper flights. No charge, no hassle. 

Hey big airlines... pay attention as Cape Air just created an enthusiastic customer for life!

Mocha Hagotdi it is!

Due to Hurricane Earl, my flight was cancelled and I had to drive from Boston to Lake Placid.  Which I did with the assistance of Starbuck's new 31 oz Iced Coffee....  Cape Air offered to refund my flights and my wife's return flight but I have not yet seen that refund.  I e-mailed them yesterday so we will see how this goes.

--Update 2
I never received a reply from Cape Air, so I e-mailed Tricia, the person who first prompted me to start this entry.  She called today and then followed up with an email refunding the whole thing.  Go Cape Air!

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