Monday, June 7, 2010

How would you like to pay your doctor?

It occurs to me in all of this national fervor about health insurance people have forgotten other ways in which to pay for health care.  Given that it is directly within my area of interest, I would like to put out a few questions.

1) How much do you spend on total health care every month or year- insurance, copays, all doctors visits, drugs, tests, everything you can think of--all in?

2) How much would you like to spend every month, or every year on the above?

3) Would you like to pay your regular doctor:
a) Market rates every time you see him/her in the office only?
b) For every interaction (phone, office, email)?
c) Bundle or membership payment for the year to cover everything?
d) Membership style payment for phone/email access, then pay for in office visits?
e) Another way that you describe in the comments?

4) Would you prefer health insurance purchased directly or continued through your employer?

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