Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Journal from the road 2, Iowa

First disclaimer.. There will be three posts in a row dated today, but I promise they are representative of the last few days. Also, blame all typos on the iPad keyboard with its no feedback keyboard.

So I am in Iowa. This is the result of a negotiation with a mentor and a great opportunity. As you may have figured out by now, I endeavor to disrupt and improve primary care through redesign and entrepreneurship. I am here in Dubuque, IA, the city by the river, to spend time studying the practice of a known innovator. Look for the summary piece in the SGIM Forum October edition. While not at the clinic, I have had some time to explore.

On arrival, my lovely hosts picked me up at the airport in their sweet Audi convertible and we drove first to their home with a great view of the hills and onto downtown where I will be staying. We stopped for dinner at the Star brewery on the Mississippi river for dinner. The river is a bit different all the way up here. I am tempted to send a message in a bottle to my old home at the other end of it.

Chris and Tom are wonderful hosts, showing me around and sharing the history of this storied town, which they themselves moved to from Wisconsin. For those not up on their Hawkeye geography, Dubuque is nestled right up against Wisco and Illinois. Tonight I sleep in my temporary home, borrowed from a kind friend of a friend.

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