Thursday, August 12, 2010

On medical education

As part of the traveling during my AOC research time I have had a chance to continue/catch up on some reading. In this case, in one of the final chapters of The Innovator's Prescription, I can across this gem:

Two different faculty groups have emerged at most medical schools... Members of e science faculty teach the first two years of science courses, and typically conduct leading edge, NIH-funded research in the fields in which they teach. The clinical faculty members teach the bedside art of diagnosing and treating patients in the third and fourth years. Because the faculty are different, and because of student limitations as to how well they can retain what they learn, some of what is taught in the first two years, though deemed important by the faculty, is seldom if ever used in clinical practice... In other words, the first two years in these medical schools are not and efficient experience.

I am proud to have attended a medical school that recognized this basic issue and worked like crazy, even through certain destruction from natural disaster to improve this model.

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