Monday, January 10, 2011

First day of Business School

Today I had the pleasure of starting a one week seminar at Harvard Business School entitled "Value Based Health Care Delivery Intensive Seminar.". Taught by health care strategist Michael Porter, author of Redefining Health Care, it is a collection of about 80 business students, medical students and health care providers brought together to learn about how focusing on value across the entire care cycle of a disease cane improve health care delivery. This is a unique opportunity to learn an approach to innovation in health care delivery. From the first day's events, each day wlll consist of two case discussions, for which Harvard Business School is well known. The Case Method is an interesting way of working through material that draws on a written case and experience from the class. The professor's job is to draw out and organize the discussion, rather than provide the information. It is *very* different than medical school.

Continuing the theme of the small world of Health care, I am sitting next to a friend of a friend that I have not seen in years, and know at least 5 more people in the room by name or face.

More each day...

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