Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Day 3 on the Juice Fast

"Hey Andrew, you want to go to Birch Creek on a Juice Fast with me?" started a conversation with may dad a few weeks ago. It is now day 3 without solid food and about 4 hours of daily exercise. The most surprising thing, I am not hungry. Each day begins with a Barley drink, five mile "walk" (to the top of some high point in the catskills), breakfast juice (two for men!), 2 hours of exercise with a protein smoothie in between, a lunch juice, more exercise and a lecture, a cup of bouillon, then a dinner juice. The even more surprising thing, is that I cannot stop thing about Corned beef. All the foods in the world I am not eating, and it is the salted cured meats that my brain desires.... Watch out Michael's, here I come!

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