Sunday, July 31, 2011

Writer's Block

This is an interesting blog post idea, I know, but I have been experiencing some serious writer's block recently and I hoping to baby step my way out of it.  Currently on my To-Do list I have several pieces to write, some past deadline, some in collaboration with heavy hitters in my field, and some I just find fascinating.  However, between switching from Residency to "real" life, with its attendant risks, intervening vacations, rewards and change of pace; having homework again in the form of board studying sucking up my creative time; and attempting to return my body to a state of pre-residency vitality, has really sapped my ability to create written words.

There is another possibility which is far more terrifying to me.  I am concerned that in my transition to my new careers, both inpatient nocturnist work and outpatient entrepreneurship/start-up work with Iora Health, has made me too happy.  I am actually quite content with my work, excited to do it every day, with a firm belief in both what I am doing in the short term, and its possibility for long term positive effects.  In short, I have lost the strong emotional trigger in the form of frustration that led to so much previous writing.

I hope that I can mature a little and find a new muse which allows me to write.  I am hoping that my enthusiasm for a better world, separated from my frustration from living in the current world, will be enough to keep me writing.  Because I do NOT want to have to go through residency again just to stay in the game!

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