Friday, August 24, 2012

Max's first photo collage

Thanks Aunt Leslie!

Max's Graduation Day!

Sorry for the delay on the exciting news!  On Tuesday 8/21 Max graduated from NIC University after 41 long days with a GPA of 6.08 (lbs & oz).  Like his over-educated parents he decided to stay long past his time, pretending to have trouble in spelling class to stick around longer.  He was enjoying too many late nights of popping bottles with nurses that he had met along the way to come home (especially Tracie & Yvonne!).  But finally he passed his Finals in Car Seats and Hearing-- he said it was a breeze and winged them (and now refuses to get out of the car seat).  His first night home was tough-- Max was looking for the late night entertainment to which he had become accustomed but only found darkness and snoring.  More to follow!
Latest photos at:
Graduation Chic by Designs by Grandma, Socks sold separately

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Particularly cute Max Poses

Remember that photos are updated to the dropbox folder.  But here are a few highlights (now with captions!)

Andrew: "Max it's bathtime!"
Max: "I don't agree."

"This breast milk is magnifique!"

Karate Max

Vampire Max (now with just a little of Dad's blood...)

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In 2012 America it apparently takes 2 things to be a real person, a Social Security Number and an email address.  Max is set with both.  Leave him messages (under my care until he can enjoy them) at