What is Schutzworks?

Schutzworks it the Advisory company of Andrew Schutzbank MD, MPH, author of the Schutzblog. Schutzworks advises companies across sectors with an emphasis on tech-enabled healthcare services, value-based primary and specialty care including Medicare Advantage, and consumer focused-health care products and services.

If you lead a company and need thought-partner who understands the pressure you are under in what you are trying to accomplish reach out to learn more. We partner with companies attempting to improve the world with leaders with insight, willing to change the way they think and act to better achieve their goals.

Services are tailored by company stage available hourly or monthly retainer:

Concept & Product Market Fit: 1st customer and beyond!

  • Product/Service Strategy

  • Customer Discovery and Development

  • Sales & Fundraising Support

  • Executive Sounding Board

  • Clinical Domain Expertise

  • Reinforcing Organizational Focus

Growth & Scale: Engineer organizational predictability

  • Agile Organizational Transformation 

  • Strategic Preparation: Goal setting, OKRs

  • Board Management Advice

  • Recruitment Network

  • Clinical Service Design & Operations Support